please complete weekly checklist

Weekly Checklist For Last Week (Monday to Sunday)

Please indicate which activities you participated in last week (Monday to Sunday)
Activity Points Activity Points
Used Own Coffee Cup 0 Used Cloth Grocery Bag 0
Checked/Filled Car Tires 0 Observed Meatless Monday 0
Turned off Unused Light 0 Used Reusable Drink Container 0
Walked/Cycled Somewhere Instead of Driving 0 Complained to Store About Excess Packaging 0
Washed Clothes in Cold Water 0 Did at Least One of These Items More Than Once 0
I Didn't Complete Any of These Items Last Week 0
Total Bonus Points to Date (Calculated Automatically By System)
Verbal Referral Bonuses (5 points each) 0 Referral Logins (5 points each) 0
Coming Soon - Your Own Customized Activities Report! Total Points Total Points 0
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